As the votes continue to be counted, President Donald Trump, with no real evidence, is making accusations of a fraudulent election.

How does North Dakota Sen. Kevin Cramer, a staunch Trump supporter, feel about it?

"I don't think it helps him," Cramer said on this episode of Plain Talk.

"Do I condone everything President Trump says? No," Cramer also said.

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But he also said he understands the president's feelings. "I don't blame President Trump for his level of frustration," Cramer said citing what, at this point, seems to have been some wildly inaccurate public polling and some dubious vote-counting procedures in states like Pennsylvania.

Cramer also spoke about some state-level politics, weighing in on the controversy in District 8, where Gov. Doug Burgum, lawmakers, local party leaders, and the Democrats are all squabbling over who should get to sit in a legislative seat voters elected a dead person to.

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