MINOT, N.D. — You have a choice, Trump supporters.

You can be loyal to Donald Trump, or you can be a patriot.

You can love the president, or you can love our country.

It is no longer possible to do both.

I do not say this lightly. I have long disliked President Trump, but could understand the case for supporting him even while I disagreed with its conclusions. The alternative to Trump, after all, has been candidates from a Democratic Party that, beyond ambivalence toward our part of the world, actively dislikes us.

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Their policies on issues like energy and agriculture would be terrible for North Dakota and rural states in general.

I know many, many Republicans who tell me they don't like Trump or the way he behaves, but they support him because his administration's policies are better for us, in very practical ways, than those supported by Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden.

That pragmatism is comprehensible.

It's also no longer an acceptable reason to support Trump.

Wednesday, Jan. 6, a day that will live in infamy like the attack on Pearl Harbor, was a disgrace.

A tragedy and a travesty. A disgusting display of humanity's ugliest impulses.

Four people died. Many, many more were injured. And for what? A political temper tantrum incited by the sore-loser-in-chief?

Some of these idiots were carrying Confederate battle flags. A symbol used by traitors who turned their backs on our Union and launched one of the deadliest conflicts in American history so that they could continue the enslavement of blacks.

I do not often run short of words, but I am at a loss to describe the rage I felt seeing that flag in our Capitol building.

The Trumpist hypocrites who have spent years complaining, not unfairly, about left-wing violence, particularly against the police, also abandoned their "back the blue" mantra and attacked law enforcement.

They vandalized the Capitol building, which is more than a mere government building, but a sort of museum and symbol for the sort of nation America aspires to be.

They caused our elected leaders and their staff to run and hide in terror hoping, I guess, that the fear they inspired would result in their preferred political outcome.

There's a word for that sort of thing.

It's "terrorism."

Equally as terrifying is how many Trumpists across the nation are either attempting to spin the attacks as some conspiracy between a hostile news media and/or left-wing organizations or flat-out condoning them.

There are millions of Americans who, in the thrall of Trump's belligerently bizarre claims about the national election, believe the attack on the Capitol was justified.

We don't just have a problem with Trump, who is perhaps the worst president in American history, but his movement as well.

Which is why it's time to draw a bright line.

Supporting Trump is un-American.

Republicans, in particular, have a duty to clean this mess up. They must demand that Trump leave office, and let Vice President Mike Pence run out the clock on the term. Since that's not likely to happen, impeachment proceedings should commence immediately.

They needn't be lengthy. The only evidence we need is the names of the people killed and injured during the riot Trump incited.

The House can vote to indict, and the Senate can vote to convict, and there are no excuses for anyone, whatever their party affiliation to vote "nay."

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Rob Port, founder of SayAnythingBlog.com, is a Forum Communications commentator. Reach him on Twitter at @robport or via email at rport@forumcomm.com.