I am staring out a window in my room at a Tru by Hilton hotel in Elkhart, Indiana, reflecting on this hectic week. I am grateful God has wired me to love and celebrate the great memories of the past, but spend 90% of my time dreaming, strategizing and moving into the future. I like to live this way. Our windshield is many times larger than our rearview mirror for a reason.

I am currently serving as interim lead pastor at Racine Community Church in Wisconsin. My daughter, Brooke, and I travel together several times a year; sometimes on a work trip and sometimes strictly for pleasure. When it is a work trip, she is a great “assistant” and I love to watch her learn. This past weekend she traveled with me to Racine. The people from the church were so warm and welcoming to her. She loved it and they loved her.

We arrived at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport two hours before our return flight on Sunday afternoon. We waited three and a half hours when they announced that because of staffing and mechanical issues our flight was cancelled. They gave us a hotel voucher and booked us on the same flights Monday evening. Brooke was asleep and I was lying in bed at 11:30 p.m. when I received a text stating that due to a winter storm in Chicago, our flight on Monday was canceled. I looked up the weather for Tuesday in Chicago and it was worse. I tried finding alternative routes to no avail. I looked up other airlines and tickets were over $600 each.

I wanted to get home on Monday because I was leaving early Wednesday morning for my next trip. I had one last option to get home: rent a car and drive the 10 hours. I checked the weather reports from Milwaukee to Kansas City. I checked the cost to rent a car and booked the vehicle.

The roads were great until the last 60 miles into Kansas City when the snow and wind made driving less pleasurable. I dropped my daughter off at home and then returned the car at the airport. After dropping the car off I took a shuttle to the terminal. I called for a taxi, as driving conditions deteriorated, and the dispatcher replied to my request with, “I don’t have any cabs. Can you try Uber or Lyft?” I was able to find one Uber driver available. His price was over twice the normal cost, but I was close to making it home.

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The Uber driver did not seem comfortable driving on snowy roads. I sat in the back seat praying he would get me home. He did and I was thrilled.

I was home for 32 hours before leaving for five more days on the road in Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. Was I tired? No. As I sat in the airport at 5 a.m. God reminded me of Acts 13:36, “David served God’s purpose in his own generation.” I realized I was serving God’s purpose for my life in this season. And that is energizing.

Are you pursuing God’s purpose for your life or living for prosperity and popularity? Are you craving comfort or continually carrying out your God-honoring commitments? Let’s serve God’s purpose in our generation, together!

Hauser is a pastor and leadership coach and can be reached at jon@growingforwardtoday.com