Our Border Patrol van turned onto South Sasabe Road. Forty-five miles of uneven blacktop brought us to the obscure Sasabe, Ariz., port of entry, halfway between California and New Mexico. In the middle of nowhere rusty walls topped with razor wire stretched east and west from the tiny, historic U. S. Customs and Border Protection station.

Tucson sector agents escorting the 2019 Citizen’s Academy class turned west on gravel alongside the wall. After a few miles the wall came to an abrupt end. There was nothing beyond it to define two sovereign nations, just a wide-open expanse of sand, rocks, cactus and mountains.

A well-worn path crossed just beyond the end of the razor wire. We were told criminal Mexican cartels have long guided “illegal aliens” (official government term) into Arizona here. In addition to sex-trafficked women and girls, the “coyotes” carry huge packs loaded with fentanyl and heroin scheduled for distribution by stateside cartel operatives.


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Our Border Patrol instructors described how cartel lookouts stationed on nearby Arizona mountains monitor thinly-staffed agents patrolling this sector. Equipped with the best binoculars and radios made, they routinely direct coyotes to safe passage.

During scorching hot summer months, Border Patrol agents engage primarily in lifesaving rescues of lost and abandoned illegals. Over 200 deaths from heat exhaustion and dehydration are common each year. Only scattered bones and tattered clothing mark their last day on earth.

Everything has changed since 2019. President Biden has destroyed successful border policies implemented by President Trump, intentionally creating a monumental humanitarian crisis that he shamefully refuses to acknowledge. Publicly inviting a surge not seen in two decades, Biden is providing criminal Mexican cartels with open borders over which they are transporting staggering numbers of killer drugs, sex-trafficked girls, unaccompanied children, Chinese nationalists, vicious MS13 gang members, even Yemen terrorists.

Highly-stressed agents now spend most of their time processing 19,000+ unaccompanied children, including those toddlers recently dropped over the wall by coyotes. Children are packed together like sardines on the floor of jail-like plastic cages.

Triumphant Mexican cartel terrorists are raking in billions of dollars thanks to Biden’s bogus catch and release scheme. Agents estimate at least 12,000 illegal aliens were smuggled into Arizona last month. Once they make it up to Tucson, Casa Grande and beyond, they disappear. Officials predict illegals apprehended and released under Biden by the end of 2021 will add up to the combined populations of Wyoming and Montana. Unverified estimates of illegal aliens in the U.S. have stood around 12 million for decades. Informed CBP leaders say it is double that number at a minimum.

Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus, an open border progressive, doesn’t “play well” with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Biden has incredibly selected Magnus to head that very agency. Just as Tucson police officers under Magnus regularly accept jobs in nearby towns, Border Patrol resignations will be forthcoming in record numbers.

Congress, courts and states must act immediately to rein in Biden’s Marxist mayhem or our Constitutional Republic will soon cease to exist.

Hulett is a regular contributor to the opinion page.

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