The bully doesn’t win the day here.

Not every column I write will be about the COVID-19 vaccine or social media. This I promise you, but last week was one of those head shaker kind of days. One of my Facebook followers engaged me in a vaccine dialogue. Anyone who listens to my radio show knows darn well my feelings about the vaccine and privacy.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg would like everyone to get the vaccine and immediately take a selfie and post it to social media crowds in a predesigned selfie frame, “I got the shot. WOW, look at me!” Frankly speaking, I’m in the camp of keeping my medical information as private as I can. Since 1996, we have all been trained little soldiers by the HIPAA regime keeping medical information private. Maybe HIPPA guidelines only apply outside of a pandemic.

I’m thinking I should call a few of my old high school cheerleader friends and ask them if I can borrow their pom-poms and become a vaccine cheerleader? With pom-poms in hand, and a marching band behind me, this will encourage others get the shot. There’s nothing like a good John Phillips Sousa march, and me with pom-poms, and a selfie stick to motivate people to stand in line to get a vaccine. You get the picture. It doesn’t require a selfie, does it?


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What boggles my mind is people like Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, who have had success in the tech world, are now leading the world stage in this vaccine push. Does anyone question their medical expertise? Actual medically trained doctors have been censored by big tech and yet, big tech pushes the vaccine to the point of nauseam.

Zuckerberg has free speech. But he has stolen mine. Our government, corporate America, globalists, and the racist victim peddling group think is a plague on society. If I was to post on social media, views opposing the vaccine and sharing stories of America’s Doctors, I would be censored.

They want you to conform and they are shaming those who don’t. Some of my followers on social media have used this shaming technique with great liberty … to a point of bullying.

I prefer the model of our founding fathers. Critical thinking meets free speech. Opinions matter. So hopefully anyone waking up today who sees this person’s snarky question decides to ponder if vaccine is good for them. It’s a personal decision. It’s your God-given right to decide if you want the vaccine or not.

And just maybe, we’ll get Mark Zuckerberg to worry more about the poor health of big tech and less about my health and a prefabricated selfie frame.

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