CRT may be the most dangerous acronym in the history of the United States. What is it? critical race theory. What does that mean? It is fast becoming the latest threat to public education. And education already needs reform. How else do we explain support for Socialism, in recent polling, that has Gen Z (ages 16 to 23) up 9% in the last year to 49%? Parents aren’t indoctrinating their children. If not education, where is this coming from?

A very wise friend of mine recently said he thought Critical Race Theory was “the biggest threat to America as we know it.” The conversation was over lunch this past March. I had never heard of it. And it’s the biggest threat to our country? What? How did I miss? But in all reality, it’s nothing new among the “Be less white” crowd. This is an academic ideology that could easily be mistaken for religion. It belongs as an academic exercise not as a curriculum.

But is this a problem somewhere else? Not here in the God-fearing, freedom-loving, Constitution-revering Heartland of America. Right? Wrong again. The Center of the American Experiment has been on the front line of this battle in Minnesota. They have a website,, that has information every parent should know. They are touring Minnesota making the case that Minnesota students deserve better. This “woke” political movement has invaded Minnesota’s public school system. Critical race theory is about “ending white supremacy and systemic racism.” The most important thing for us to do is get involved. Attending one of these events June 15 in Alexandria or Moorhead or June 16 in Thief River Falls or Bemidji would be a great start.

Kirsten Baesler, North Dakota’s superintendent of public instruction, told me recently that Critical Race Theory is not being taught at any of North Dakota’s public schools. She is a fierce critic and is active in national efforts to stop it. But that doesn’t mean proponents. Isaiah McGee was hired for in-service training to Bismarck Middle School teachers in March. A quick review of his social media suggests this was highly inappropriate. “While the year 1776 marks the birth of the U.S.A. the year 1619 is when it consummated its relationship with White supremacy #1619Project” he opined in a Tweet Feb. 10. Do Bismarck School District parents know this is happening in their schools? Were you aware that one of the four Fargo School Board members that is subject to a recall effort, Seth Holden, is a supporter of Critical Race Theory?

Racism should never be normalized. They seek to right past wrongs and this academic poison is going mainstream. The “social justice” crowd believes that justice is theirs to adjudicate. Wrong. Justice is best left to God and our laws. But complaining about it is a fool’s errand. Do something about it. Say something, go to school board meetings, get involved or run for a school board position. What’s more important than knowing what our children are learning?

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