InForum headlines: “Police have identified the man killed in a weekend shooting outside a Fargo nightclub", "Armed threats at downtown Fargo bar followed by gunshots a few blocks away", "Fight over bicycle led to Sunday stabbing in Fargo", "Moorhead police seek man suspected of shooting at house", "Pizza delivery man robbed at knifepoint in Moorhead. ”

Chicago Tribune: 2021 spike of murders in Chicago follows an especially deadly 2020 when over 760 citizens were slain. Shooting victims year-to-date in New York City increased from 177 in 2020 to 246. Los Angeles recorded a 28% homicide increase through March 13 with shooting victims up by 93%.

Arizona State University Center for Problem-Oriented Policing: Research links urban youth gun violence to gang conflicts and street drug markets. In many urban areas gun violence takes a particularly heavy toll as vastly disproportionate numbers of young minority males are killed and injured.

The Daily Caller: Homicides in six major cities across the country have increased compared to last year, primarily affecting Black citizens.

Widely reported: Black citizens have been victims of roughly 81% of Chicago’s 2021 murders after being victims of about 70% of murders committed in the first half of 2020. Including small children, 257 American citizens were shot and killed over the July 4th weekend!

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Documented Black Lives Matter protests against thousands of tragic Black-on-Black killings: None. Crickets.

Nationwide violence escalated following unrestrained Black Lives Matter and Antifa anti-police riots in Minneapolis and Portland. Long time Democrat-run cities are encouraging shooters, carjackers and punk street criminals by releasing many without bail, often choosing not to prosecute.

Democrat-run cities are defunding police departments. Given that — as well as increasing murders of police across the nation — record numbers of officers are quitting or retiring. Recruiting qualified replacements is problematic, including in Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo.

Not to worry! From the White House on June 23 and again July 12, President Joe Biden delivered his solution for ending the widespread American crime wave. He is "cracking down" on "rogue gun dealers.” Squinting at his teleprompter he obediently read: "We will make sure you can't sell death and mayhem on our streets.” (No mention of rogue knife dealers or rogue nunchuk dealers.)

That’s it. Biden’s crime solution will soon end Times Square visitors shot in broad daylight, Black-on-Black killings, record numbers of armed carjackings, cop killings, and violent knife crimes like those in the Fargo-Moorhead area. What a relief to know “rogue gun dealers” will no longer “sell death and mayhem.”

Walk confidently to a late dinner in downtown Fargo. Plan a family road trip to the Gateway Arch in downtown St. Louis. Book a Times Square hotel weekend near “inclusive” Broadway theatres. Take in a Chicago Cubs home series. Stroll on California’s historic Venice Beach (side-stepping used needles and human feces).

“Come on, man!” Seriously?

Readers are encouraged to visit known clusters of widespread crime marked by indiscriminate gun and knife violence? Yes, but take a deep breath, Biden’s teleprompter writer is eliminating “rogue gun dealers.”

Enjoy safe travels and fun evenings out!

Hulett is a regular contributor to the opinion page.

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