This column has provided everything you needed to know about President Joe Biden.

In August 2020, it correctly predicted Biden would open the southern border and allow millions of illegal immigrants to pour into our country.

In September 2020, it documented Biden family schemes for grifting large sums of cash from Communist China and Russia. You learned Biden’s “handlers” recognize his waning mental capacity and consider leftist-progressive Kamala Harris “President in-waiting.”

In December came a detailed retrospective of Biden’s flawed character, including a career-long record of plagiarism, lies, racist behavior, and creepy touching of women and girls.

In March you learned Susan Rice and other Obama political operatives are “instructing” Biden to recite their leftist misinformation from his teleprompter. Biden often admits he has been “instructed” to call on named reporters or has been “instructed” not to take any questions. Who “instructs” the President of the United States?

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In April you read of Biden intentionally expediting an invasion of the United States by Mexican drug smugglers and sex traffickers, MS-13 gang members and known terrorists.

In May came details on Biden’s Marxist handlers striving to irreparably divide Americans based on identities and race-baiting. A June column outlined Biden’s profuse promotion of hateful, divisive critical race theory.

On this 20th anniversary of 9/11, I write as one of millions of outraged veterans. Thirteen of our military service sisters and brothers were senselessly slaughtered while Biden and his generals incompetently orchestrated one of the largest military disasters in American history. We are extremely angry and pray for the distraught families and friends of these needlessly-lost souls.

Viewing their caskets arriving at Dover Air Force Base struck a nerve. Serving as a Navy Lieutenant during the Vietnam War, a death notification assignment arrived. Approaching unexpectedly in dress uniform to notify a family of the death of their son and brother, a Naval Academy graduate, was devastating. The sudden horrendous grief on their faces will never leave my memory.

Even Biden’s mainstream media protection squad reported details of his stupid, backwards military decisions. Hundreds of American citizens and supportive Afghans, cruelly left behind enemy lines by Biden, are desperately hiding to escape torture and beheading. Our massacred service members have already been followed by documented door-to-door murders by Taliban butchers. Despite blood on his hands, Joe incredibly calls this disaster “an extraordinary success.”

Sadly, America is now recognized around the world as incapable of even salvaging billions of dollars of prime military equipment, instead handing it over on bended knees to terrorists. We have become third-rate bumblers with an incompetent Commander-in-Chief, disgraced cabinet members, and horribly inept senior military staff. Communist China and Russia celebrate an unimaginable propaganda victory.

Americans are in shock and disbelief on 9/11 knowing our nation has once again become a soft target for terrorists, now well-armed with our own weapons.

President Biden, our Secretaries of State and Defense, and the Chair of the Joints Chiefs have discredited and shamed America. If they have one ounce of honor left intact, all will immediately resign in disgrace.

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Hulett is a regular contributor to the opinion page.

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