Border Patrol agents did not 'whip' Haitians

Vice President Kamala Harris was “outraged” over U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents on horseback routinely confronting mobs of Haitians illegally entering our country. She proclaimed they employed "whips" like those "used against African Americans during times of slavery."

President Joe Biden angrily declared Border Patrol agents "strapped" the Haitians, vowing, "those people will pay for their outrageous actions."

The truth is, Border Patrol agents don’t carry whips or straps. The individual whose photo was designated by Democrat mainstream media as official propaganda for those disgraceful allegations indicated he saw no Haitians even touched by the standard reins used by agents to control their horses, let alone "whipped" or "strapped."

In the Border Patrol Citizen Academy, we learned agents on horseback track illegal immigrants deep into the Arizona desert where no vehicle can go. They risk their own lives to rescue lawbreakers dying from heat and thirst. The Border Patrol's horseback "Samaritans" would never whip or strap anyone.

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Biden and Harris have once again dishonored America by fabricating shameful racial lies, then leveling reprehensible disciplinary threats against their own loyal law enforcement agents. Americans often witness Harris and Biden deliberately invent lies, such as saying "the border is secure," calling the Afghanistan debacle “an extraordinary success," and arguing that unvaccinated individuals “threaten the lives” of the vaccinated.

Truth is the lifeblood of American unity. Under these frauds there will be no unity.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh did not 'sexually abuse' anyone

Forum columnist Josie Danz recently stated that “new reports” indicate FBI investigations of sexual abuse allegations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh were “flawed, constrained, and far from exhaustive — first-hand accounts and thousands of tips were swept under the rug."

Truthfully, no “new reports” can be found specifying “flawed” FBI investigations of Kavanaugh. Neither can credible “first-hand accounts” of sexual abuse be found, nor any credible evidence of “thousands of tips swept under the rug.” Leftist anti-Kavanaugh Senators remain displeased with comprehensive FBI investigations. Liberals consider Kavanaugh guilty unless proven innocent.

For an accurate account of the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, readers are encouraged to read “Justice on Trial: The Kavanaugh Confirmation and the Future of the Supreme Court,” by Mollie Hemmingway and Carrie Severino. Therein you are reminded that the woman liberal Senators selected for the role of Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, was incapable of specifying when or where alleged sexual abuse occurred. Her own witnesses testified they had no recollection of anything like the episode she described. Other aspects of Ford’s "story" were shown to be unsubstantiated nonsense.

Kavanaugh gave compelling heartfelt sworn testimony. “We live in a country devoted to due process and the rule of law. That means taking allegations seriously, but if the mere allegation, the mere assertion of an allegation, a refuted allegation from thirty-six years ago, is enough to destroy a person’s life and career, we will have abandoned the basic principles of fairness and due process that define our legal system and our country," he said at the time. "I swear today under oath before the Senate and the nation, before my family and God, I am innocent of this charge.”

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