FARGO — It might well have been a story about the Pillsbury Bake-Off for all the attention America gave it and the impact it had.

Major news organizations reported on the findings of a Senate report that detailed the all-out effort former President Donald Trump put into overturning the results of the 2020 election. How he had at least one lawyer in the U.S. Justice Department who was willing to keep Trump in office. How Trump tried to strong-arm the DOJ into doing his bidding, to act as his personal goon squad to reverse the will of the American people.

"The outcome suggests how reliant the fragile U.S. election system is on the integrity of government officials," the Associated Press wrote about the committee report.

The report wasn't just a red flag, it was democracy itself climbing to mountaintop and screaming, "They've found the blueprint! All it takes is a few of the wrong people in the wrong places and I'm finished! This is your last warning!"

America's reaction?

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We didn't have one, because nobody is paying attention. Nobody cares. It's football season. Halloween is fast approaching. And then the holidays. Life is good here and as long as the shelves at Target and Wal-Mart are well-stocked, democracy preservation is somebody else's problem.

"Democracy preservation." A term that is actually being used by some Democratic candidates for upcoming elections. It is to differentiate themselves from their Republican opponents, ever-loyal to Trump, who may or may not be in favor of preserving democracy. Depends what's in it for them.

Ah, yes, the Republicans. When they are not encouraging locals to terrorize school boards, they continue to snuggle up to Trump like wood ticks snuggle up to dogs. They like to paint themselves as having no choice in the matter, that to denounce Trump would be political suicide and what's awaiting around the GOP corner is worse than the status quo, but they're lying.

Trump is the Republican Party. The Republican Party is Trump. There is no daylight between the two. Hasn't been for five years.

Republican strategy is to paint Trump as a hero, giving him credit for not overturning the election. It is minimization on the grandest scale. Britt Hume of Fox News wrote on Twitter that "it is not to his credit that he even considered it, but his rejection should be part of any story on it."

Sure, Trump actively did everything he could to overturn the election. But when he figured out it couldn't succeed he backed off. The arsonist put out the fire he set. That makes Trump a hero, you see.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

Don't believe those who say this nation is "at a crossroads." We've already barreled through the four-way stop and aren't slowing down. A president tried to overturn the results of an election and most Americans yawned.

Where there should be universal condemnation and disgust, half the country would be OK if Trump succeeded.

It's been a good run, folks.