FARGO — Victims. Always the victims.

That's the beauty of being a right-winger in America today. You can scream about personal responsibility and accountability from the highest mountaintop, but when held personally responsible and accountable you whine about being a victim.

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Allie Ollenburger, organizer of the failed Fargo School Board recall, wrote a letter to the editor in The Forum about being bullied and shamed after her incompetent, possibly criminal, effort went down in a spectacular ball of flames.

No, Allie, you were held accountable for your actions. But in Allie's eyes, she was a victim because the media and public pointed out her failure.

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Always the victims.

Cops and firefighters at risk of losing their jobs and benefits because they refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19 are protesting and marching, with their union heads making excuses for their insubordination, painting themselves as victims of the big, bad liberal politicians.

Well, no. They are not meeting their conditions of employment and they risk being held accountable for it. It is no different than any other condition of employment, such as not showing up for work drunk. It is for the health and safety of all.

Yet they, with help from their bobos in the media, are playing themselves off as victims.

Always the victims.

Nick Rolovich, a football coach from Washington State, is no longer employed because he didn't get jabbed, as required by state law. Tough-talking, no-nonsense football guy who didn't accept excuses from his players was willing to throw away millions of dollars.

Now Rolovich's lawyer is sending missives to the media threatening to sue Washington State because of the school president's "discriminatory and vindictive behavior." Putting aside the fact the school is a public university and Rolovich was a state employee subject to state laws, and not anything Washington State did specifically, the coach is playing the victim.

By sniveling about being discriminated against Rolovich is doing exactly what every football coach tells his players not to do — he's making excuses and shifting the blame to others. Instead of taking responsibility for his actions, he's claiming victimhood.

Rolovich was not fired, as some headlines claimed. Fired implies he didn't have a choice in the matter. He did. He made a decision to not be employed. He was given a chance to keep his job or not keep his job and he, along with several assistant coaches, chose to not keep his job.

There is zero evidence of Rolovich being a victim. But he's chosen to play that card, using his religion as a crutch in the process.

What you'd like to see is any of these people stand up and say, "Many might disagree with my actions, but I believe I've done the right thing. No excuses. I made a choice and I will have to live with the consequences."

That's what conservatives say everybody else is supposed to do. That's the credo by which they allegedly live.

When crunch time hits, though, they play the victims. Always.

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