I'm writing this column on Veterans Day. Forgive me if I'm a bit dramatic, but besides Easter and Christmas, Veterans Day is my favorite day. When I kneel to pray each day I always try to remember to thank God for the gift of being born in the United States. Anyone of any race, color, creed or religion, born here, has more opportunity than anywhere on earth. The American experiment has been tested in many ways over these 245 years, but we have always prevailed. Why? Because we have freedom inspired by God and put to paper by our Founding Fathers. Those founding documents gave us a Republic. But the veterans are how we have kept it. And our U.S. Armed Forces are waging a constant battle still today.

Remember when American history was actually taught in public schools? Before it had to compete with the Marxist, Communist strategy of removing God and the Ten Commandments from our classrooms? I have always loved that story from 1787 about Benjamin Franklin leaving the Constitutional Convention. He was asked, "What kind of government do we have?" Franklin replied, "A Republic, if you can keep it!" Is it really that hard to understand how vitally important teaching American history to our kids is? Those were the days when saying the Pledge of Allegiance or standing for the flag brought tears to your eyes. Now the so-called heroes kneel for the flag and complain about America's history.

My heroes are the veterans. And active-duty military guard and reserve patriots who have risked or given their lives for us and for freedom. Without their sacrifice, we would not be free. Every day should be Veterans Day in our schools.

Veterans Day this year happened to fall in the middle of a special session of the North Dakota Legislature. And the vitally important work of this special session stopped to honor veterans who have served and are serving in the North Dakota Legislature. Our nation's framers would be proud of that pause, amid the fierce debate. We have a legislature made up of citizen servants. From the most conservative to the most liberal members, they are not unlike those that governed the original colonies.

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It's refreshing that, even amid a robust debate, they paused to thank veterans.

The Legislature fights for our freedom, too. Sadly they now are left to fix a mess of the federal government's making, a tyrannical vaccine mandate. Who could argue about that? You'd be surprised. Our chief state health officer did. The Greater North Dakota Chamber did. Too many Republicans are still battling. Even our governor hasn't answered my simple yes or no question: Do you support the North Dakota Legislature's effort to pass a law protecting North Dakota employers and employees from a federal mandate? While the battle is being waged in the courts, we also need to defend the Constitutions of North Dakota and the USA.

Thank God for our veterans. Defending freedom isn't easy. But in North Dakota, it shouldn't be this hard.

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Scott Hennen hosts the statewide radio program “What’s On Your Mind?” On AM 1100 “The Flag”, KFYR AM 550, AM 1090 KTGO “The Flag” and AM 1460 KLTC. Email him at ScottH@FlagFamily.com

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