No, Mr. Rogers. The woke mob is not roaming around your neighborhood.

According to Oxford Languages, “woke” means “alert to injustice in society.” It has expanded to mean anything liberals, even moderates, support.

Hence, quarterback Aaron Rodgers uses the term to whine against those (like Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw) who hold him accountable for his deception and violation of NFL policies. Rogers’ pre-season antics and arrogant shout to a Chicago crowd of “I own you!” hardly help.

I am weary of the word woke. It has some validity. Perhaps I am “woke,” because I care that Japanese Americans were tormented during World War II. I am woke because I watched The Last Duel, horrified that a woman’s rape accusation not only was seen as a property crime against her husband, but put her life at risk.

But I am also aware of woke absurdities: accused of “colorism” (skin color bias) some attacked casting biracial actress Zazie Beetz as the historically dark-skinned Stagecoach Mary in the film "The Harder They Fall." For one thing, she’s not blond Jennifer Lawrence, but this same crowd ignored how dark-skinned Iris Elba portrayed a biracial Rufus Buck.

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My irritation with the term woke is partly due to majoring in the minors, hurting Democrats politically. Every offense leads to outrage, with liberals sounding like modern day school marmes, ready to whack knuckles with their rulers. Let’s face it: comedian Dave Chapelle is not transphobic just because he says the trans community found greater acceptance at a faster rate than African Americans. However, the attorney who designed the anti-abortion bill in Texas is setting his sights on the LGBTQ community. Who is the real threat?

Some show more passion over a tweet than the plight of farmers or of homeless camps that injure urban businesses and safety.

In the aftermath of the George Floyd murder, some liberals in Minneapolis promoted a major overhaul of the police, echoing the “defund the police” chants of last year. Attorney Nekima Levy Armstrong wrote the following:

Supporters of the measure held no public hearings about it and made little effort to listen to Black residents’ concerns or the opinions of experts. The main issue that many Black people were worried about — the significant increase in gun violence, carjackings and homicides here in the past year or so — was largely ignored.

The woke liberals failed to listen, and the measure failed.

A Socialist Democrat in Buffalo, some would call woke, lost to a write-in candidate.

Some Democrats even mock the religious, as if they can win without us.

Even as woke is a term used to label and not to listen, it is important that Democrats listen respectfully on issues such as crime and poverty, without condescension or elitism. In part, Terry McAuliffe failed in Virginia because he failed to respect those who claimed their “parental rights” were being violated. The anti-woke.

So, yes, I am tired of the term woke, even as many Republicans its opposite, a cancel culture threatening Trump opponents. Or Big Bird.

Traditional Republican Liz Cheney notes the dangers to our democracy. We might follow the advice of late author Rachel Held Evans: “Tough skin, tender heart.” We need not redecorate the Titanic.

Interested in a broad range of issues, including social and faith issues, Brickner serves as a regular contributor to the Forum’s opinion page. She is a retired English instructor, having taught in Michigan and Minnesota.

This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.