In her letter published Oct. 17, Carol L. Danks claims "All life matters, even if a baby is born with a disability or medical condition. We still love them. We still take care of them."

First of all, this would be amazing if it was true. However this claim is just propaganda to get you to vote for pro-life candidates like she does, and that is why I have an issue with it.

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Danks doesn't take care or love all babies that are born, because worldwide there is approximately 153 million orphans. Is she taking care of any of them in any way shape or form?

I would also like to state, Carol, you don't know the situation of someone who chooses abortion, being that it is none of your business, and cannot judge their choice. God is the only one who can judge someone, and last I checked you are not God.

If you don't believe in abortion that is great. You have the choice not to get one. But unless you're going to pay for 100 percent of their medical bills and adopt the child conceived, then they get a choice to have one. You can be pro-life but vote pro-choice, your beliefs are what you live by, not the rest of the world.

Baker lives in Fargo.