Why would you ever vote for any Republican again? Only fat-cat millionaires and idiots vote for any Republican. Just check your bank account to decide which you are. If you vote for Wall Street and their corrupted Republicans cohorts, you are what you are. The Republicans have lost themselves. They are not law and order constitutionalists when using pretextual disqualifications to take away voting rights to win elections. Another example is saying Article II. Section 2 of the Constitution, which says only the president has the power to negotiate with other countries can be ignored.

In 1968, Nixon was negotiating with China, behind LBJ's back, to delay an end to the Vietnam War, costing thousands of American lives. In 1980, Reagan negotiated with Iran, behind Carter's back, to win the election by delaying the embassy hostage release.

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In 2015, 47 Republican senators undercut Obama by sending a letter to Iran rejecting any negotiations to end Iran's efforts to build nuclear bombs. As a traitor, Benedict Arnold had more honor. With all this history, 2016 Republicans thought it good politics to conspire with Russia to subvert the American elections and defeat Hillary Clinton. Republicans used to believe in balanced budgets. Yet, in just 9 months, there has been a 17 percent growth in deficits with tax cuts going primarily to fat-cat corporations paid for by low income earners. By 2020, we will have a $1 trillion additional annual deficit. To reduce this, Republicans are now talking about cutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and government-subsidized health care. These added deficits require higher Federal Reserve interest rates to get investors to buy U.S. bonds. Higher interest rates will kill the economy with more expensive business loans and credit card debts. With the Republican trickle-down fraud freezing wages, this is economic ruin.

And now, we "angry mobs" are stuck with the corporate educated elite Yale law mobster Brett Kavanaugh. Who needs a Constitution with Kavanaugh's 1998 and 2009 opinions that a sitting president should not be criminally investigated or indicted for any crime? That is just the final step in creating a dictator for the final push to replace our democracy with a fascist government. We reject Hitler's fascism where lawful rights of born or unborn lives are unprotected. Look all these facts up yourself. Don't just listen to Fox News. For those with common sense, if you wrongfully voted Republican in North Dakota, you are stuck! If you have already voted Republican in Minnesota, you can go to the courthouse and request another ballot to re-vote. Because on Nov 6th, why would you ever vote for any Republican again?

Rud lives in Fosston, Minn.