Letter: The Mayor leads a business

The mayor of a city is the face of that city, and leads the business of that city. Just as in any business, the more involved and experienced the mayor is, the more prepared they are to lead that business well.

The mayors that I have worked with in Fargo, Overland Park, Kan.; Salt Lake City, Utah; Colorado Springs, Colo.; and other cities were well-prepared, experienced and most instrumental in attracting or expanding Scheels and other businesses and industries to their cities.

In fact, they were often the difference maker because of their knowledge and experience, and the difference they could make.

Moorhead residents are voting for the mayor to lead our city on Nov. 6th. They should study the qualifications and experience of each of the three candidates before they vote. Our city is on the move and our new mayor will play a most important role in our future.