In her commentary “We must not limit the definition of gender” published Oct 25, Faye Tengen Seidler states that Health and Human Services goes too far in its efforts to define sex at birth. Seidler says that assigning sex at birth “will only serve to further harm and limit transgender students.”

How can assigning gender at birth turn out to be wrong later in life? God created man in his own image, “male and female he created them” (Gen 1:27). God assigns a gender at conception. This is a biological fact. God does not make mistakes.

So why are we having this conversation? I believe it is because the left has convinced Seidler and others that there is no distinction between male and female. Gender is no longer biological, it’s a feeling. The God who created us is no longer relevant and has no role in our sexuality.

Gender confusion, I believe, is what happens when people remove God from humanity. God gives our lives moral purpose and meaning. Without meaning, life is no more significant than a pebble.

It is ironic that what the world needs most, people want to eliminate.