Ahmad: All eyes to heavens for the second advent

Ahmad shares how many religions share belief in the second advent of Jesus.

Syed Sajid Ahmad

As all religions of significance most probably originated from the same source, they have many ideas common among them as do Islam and Christianity. One common belief among the two is the second advent of Jesus.

Christians generally believe that Jesus died on the cross, resurrected afterwards and was lifted into heavens and will descend one day in power and glory.

Most Muslims, both the Sunni and the Shiite, believe that a person physically resembling Jesus was mistaken as Jesus and put on the cross whereas the actual Jesus never went on the cross and was lifted into the heavens and will descend to earth one day.

Mainly Ahmadi Muslims and some others gather from the same sources that Jesus was put on the cross but did not die on the cross and was alive when taken off the cross. He traveled to the east to tend to the lost sheep of Israel and passed away in Kashmir in India. His second coming means the advent of a person in the spirit and manner of the ministry of Jesus.

Holy Prophet Muhammad prophesied the descent of Jesus and related many details concerning the time of his second advent and signs of his advent. The most authentic collection of his sayings and practice, Bukhari, lists a report:


“By Him in Whose hands is my life, the son of Mary will certainly appear among you. He will administer justice. He will break the cross, slay the swine, abolish (holy) war, distribute (spiritual) riches that little will accept. In those days one prostration before Allah will be better than the world and what it contains.”

There is no doubt that the second coming will take place in the way ordained despite diverse scenarios widely proliferated.

The messiah will come at a time of sharp religious divisions to guide humans to the right interpretations and understanding of belief, moral and spiritual tenets with equity without unjustly standing by a course not supported by scriptural evidence.


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He will break the cross of religious persecution that he himself had to carry under duress and on which he suffered bodily injury and pain. To take breaking the cross literally does not behoove a messiah entrusted with a mission to bring about moral and spiritual revolution among his followers.
His teachings and his spiritual outreach will guide people to develop will and strength to slay the swine of base desires to live morally and spiritually fulfilling social lives. To take slaying the swine literally would be a great waste of the advent of a messiah awaited for 2,000 years.

He will promote harmony among the people following diverse religions by eliminating wars fought to quash religious freedom.

He will distribute the riches of morality and spirituality though people will refuse to accept them. These will be the times when people will generally be averse to bowing before the will and desire of the Providence.

Second advent in Islam is advent of love for all, hatred for none.


Ahmad is a regular contributor to The Forum’s opinion pages. He has translated, compiled and co-authored “A Gift for the Queen,” “Points to Ponder,” “Why Islam is my choice” and “Words of Wisdom.” He lives in Jamestown, N.D., and can be reached at

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