Allen Osmundson letter: Don't think pastors have right answers

In the May 17 Forum issue under Valley R&R read a very interesting sub-headline, "Marriage preparation as important as wedding."

Who is the pastor, or much less the priest, who can cram wisdom and responsibility concerning marriage into several weeks or even months, that will ensure a proper attitude toward their married life, whether involving finances or moral conduct, among young marriage aspirants?

All too frequently the media tells us about clergy who have embezzled church funds, or sexually abused congregation members, sometimes even just verbal abuse.

Moral and financial responsibility is learned in the home, not in a few lackluster sessions with clergy.

In my all too numerous years of life I know, and have known, an endless number of married people who never had a minute of clergy marriage preparation and stayed married until death. Furthermore I have known people who eloped, were married by judges or court personnel and stayed married until they died. Judges spend little time pointing out the various aspects of marriage.


Some clergy like to try to control congregants, unfortunately, but we are not living in the Dark Ages now.

Allen Osmundson

Binford, N.D.

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