Allen Osmundson letter: Forum's editorial on 'king' was right

I would hope that all Forum readers read The Forum editorial for Dec.

I would hope that all Forum readers read The Forum editorial for Dec. 23, "We threw off a king years ago," in reference to both English King George 230 years ago and also the antics of our president King George Bush and his love of inhumane treatment of prisoners and devious spying on his unwilling American subjects.

One would think that Bush realizes that the days of the inquisition and physical abuse are in the distant past.

Without a question, Bush has surrounded himself with advisers who at a minimum are leading him away from the American goals of life, liberty and security in one's own home.

It is distressing to learn that some of us have been subjected to spying by yahoos who apparently don't know what day this is, and that our home is our castle.

One wonders if those Bush snoops were able to figure out what my relative Jon and I were scheming about when he called me from Oslo on Dec. 14 and we spoke for half an hour in Norwegian.


Ah, President Bush. Have we Americans arrived at the Tribulation Period spoken of by both Daniel and the Aspostle John in prophecy? Even nature/earth itself trembles and groans at the way politicans are "screwing up" in Washington, D.C. Apparently those boys have not read Romans 12:3 lately.

We would hope that President Bush would avail himself of advisers who would remember that our Constitution's framers wanted these American states to be administered by people of integrity, and not by those who have a personal religious agenda, along with accruing dollars via any shady means they can.

Interesting, isn't it, that the "embattled farmers at the rude Concord Bridge" apparently did not pay attention to St. Paul's words in Romans 13:1-7 when they rebelled against English King George.

Yes, that Dec. 23 Forum editorial is worth reading again. Clearly, George Bush is no George Washington, nor Abraham Lincoln. But what is he and his gang? The last "straw"?

Allen Osmundson

Binford, N.D.

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