Can North Dakota really go carbon neutral? Conservative Rob Port and liberal-minded Jonah Lantto discuss

Jonah Lantto from the Good Talk Network joins Plain Talk Live at 2 p.m. to discuss green energy, vaping, and checks from the government.

ND Gov. Doug Burgum meets with the Grand Forks Herald editorial board Thursday, May 13, 2021. Photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

Some of the biggest investors in the green energy space are major players in the fossil fuel industry.

Meanwhile, Ford has announced an electric version of its hugely popular F-150 pickup.

In North Dakota, where oil and gas is a huge contributor to the statewide economy, Governor Doug Burgum just announced a goal of being carbon neutral by 2030 .


What's going on?

Rob Port and Jonah Lantto from the Good Talk Network discuss live starting at 2 p.m.

Also, why are public health officials hassling vapers? And will the checks from the government ever end?

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Opinion by Rob Port
Rob Port is a news reporter, columnist, and podcast host for the Forum News Service. He has an extensive background in investigations and public records. He has covered political events in North Dakota and the upper Midwest for two decades. Reach him at Click here to subscribe to his Plain Talk podcast.
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