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Trygve Olson cartoon: A civics lesson for the Fargo School Board

InForum cartoonist Trygve Olson comments on the ongoing Pledge of Allegiance controversy swirling around the Fargo School Board.

Cartoon by Trygve Olson
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Nyamal Dei said she doesn't know for sure how her tire was punctured, but she suspects it was connected to criticism she received for opposing reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of Fargo School Board meetings, a practice the board adopted earlier this year.
Eligible employees will receive two payments of $750, one in December and another in May.
According to the school district's updated long-range facility plan approved Tuesday, the cost required to provide secure entries to Horace Mann and Roosevelt has rekindled earlier conversations about the needs of the aging buildings.
The Fargo School Board approved the reading of a 10-year, long-range plan to add more schools to south Fargo.
The Fargo school board added the Pledge of Allegiance, and then rescinded it, and a predictable furor ensued. The board then compounded their “unforced error” by surrendering to intimidation and reinstating the pledge, with a 7-1 vote. A hard lesson hopefully learned.
Fargo School Board members reinstated their policy to say the Pledge of Allegiance prior to meetings. The back-and-forth decisions and debate have spurred threats of violence and national attention.
"The pledge is not forcing you to conform to religion, a political party, a nationality, a race or a gender," writes Fargo resident Erik Walker. "It is giving gratitude to one of the few nations on this planet that allows you to be all of those things that you choose to be."
"Tell the district that if they do not want the pledge because of God, they should not want taxpayer money because God is included on our currency," writes Minot resident Craig Argabright.
"How is it that leaders and lemmings in 'the law and order party' are attacking the nation’s premier law enforcement agency for doing its job?" asks Jack Zaleski. "If Republicans believe in the rule of law, they should also believe that no one, not even a former president, is above the law."
"The originators of the motion to stop the Pledge of Allegiance at board meetings wants everyone to think the same way they do," writes Fargo resident Todd Gross.
One of the best things about our freedom of speech, and participatory politics, is that everyone gets a say. One of the worst things is that "everyone" includes a lot of morons.
Before the vote, several members of the Fargo School Board mentioned they had received a storm of hateful calls and emails, some of them threatening, as well as calls of support.
Old King Coal wonders if he has a future or he's just and old fossil.

Opinion by Trygve Olson
Since 1984, Trygve Olson has provided illustrations and editorial cartoons to The Forum. He is a member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Moorhead and the Sons of Norway in Fargo, where he's one of the instructors in the Norwegian language. Contact him via email at trygvekolson@gmail.com.
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