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Trygve Olson cartoon: Changing course

In today's cartoon, Trygve Olson comments on news the North Dakota Dem-NPL pressured their endorsed candidate to leave the U.S. House race in favor of Independent Cara Mund.

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Changing course
Trygve Olson / The Forum
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Incumbent Republican Rep. Kelly Armstrong and Independent challenger Cara Mund discussed numerous issues on Tuesday, Sept. 27, including abortion, student loans, Social Security and inflation.
Mund, who got into this race late, who has zero track record outside of campaign-trail statements to illustrate how she might vote in Congress, is trying to be all things to all people, and in politics, that's an excellent way to make most people not like you.
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Mund would be a much more interesting candidate if she ran an authentic campaign, that reflected who she truly is, rather than trying to perpetrate this fraud.
On this episode of Plain Talk, Sen. Kevin Cramer weighs in on being banned from Russia, President Joe Biden's student loan forgiveness, and the emergence of high-profile independent candidates in North Dakota's congressional races.
In the first debate in North Dakota's U.S. House race, incumbent Rep. Kelly Armstrong, a Republican, and Cara Mund, an independent challenger, talked a little about where they agree, and a lot about where they don't.
By encouraging Mark Haugen to leave the U.S. House race, Democrats assure independent candidate will be labeled as anything but independent
Independent candidate Cara Mund and Republican incumbent Rep. Kelly Armstrong are the only two candidates remaining in the race after endorsed Democratic-NPL candidate Mark Haugen suspended his campaign over the weekend. 
Several members of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL, people who serve in leadership positions in the party, and who have represented the party on the ballot, are using words like "disgusted" and "livid" to describe erstwhile U.S. House candidate Mark Haugen getting pushed off the ballot in favor of former Miss America Cara Mund.
Some Democratic-NPL insiders are unhappy with their party's decision to push U.S. House candidate Mark Haugen out of the race in favor of independent candidate Cara Mund. They say prominent Democrats like former Congressman Earl Pomeroy did the pushing, though Pomeroy says he only gave Haugen advice.
In today's cartoon, Trygve Olson ties together stories about a NASA spacecraft crashing into an asteroid and a looming recession.

Opinion by Trygve Olson
Since 1984, Trygve Olson has provided illustrations and editorial cartoons to The Forum. He is a member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Moorhead and the Sons of Norway in Fargo, where he's one of the instructors in the Norwegian language. Contact him via email at trygvekolson@gmail.com.
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