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Trygve Olson cartoon: Cuckoo's nest

InForum cartoonist Trygve Olson plays on the classic Ken Kesey novel to comment on the state of mental healthcare in North Dakota

CARTOON: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Cartoon by Trygve Olson

Read more from InForum reporter Patrick Springer's four-part 'System under stress' series:

  • Suicide, drug overdose deaths outnumber highway fatalities amid North Dakota's mental health crisis Failing to treat mental illness and addiction imposes huge costs, and investments in behavioral health are "fiscally conservative," according to a Republican leader in the North Dakota Legislature.

  • 'Broken' system, lack of services turn North Dakota jails into 'safe holding for the mentally ill' Law enforcement officials and jailers in western North Dakota say that jails are warehousing those who have untreated mental illness or addictions because treatment facilities and programs are lacking.

  • Cycles of incarceration persist as North Dakota jails lack resources for mentally ill inmates, officials say By failing to treat mental illness or addiction among criminal defendants, the system in North Dakota is essentially releasing people from jail and hoping they get better, a Cass County leader says. A regional, multi-county approach with state support could address the problem.

  • North Dakota officials eye mental health courts as a tool to reduce recidivism South Dakota is using mental health courts to handle people with severe, persistent mental illness who have repeatedly been in court on criminal charges. North Dakota so far hasn't adopted mental health courts.

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