Trygve Olson cartoon: Left-leaning preacher

In today's cartoon, Trygve Olson addresses a story about the backlash over a a queer, transgender pastor scheduled to speak at an event hosted by Park River Bible Camp near Park River, North Dakota.

Left-Leaning Preacher.jpg
Left-leaning preacher
Trygve Olson / The Forum
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See the full story below:

Speaker at Park River Bible Camp backs out after backlash from surrounding communities

Oil prices may be dropping, but turmoil is skyrocketing, cartoonist Trygve Olson notes.

Opinion by Trygve Olson
Since 1984, Trygve Olson has provided illustrations and editorial cartoons to The Forum. He is a member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Moorhead and the Sons of Norway in Fargo, where he's one of the instructors in the Norwegian language. Contact him via email at
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