Earlier this week I wrote a post about state Rep. Ruth Buffalo and an appearance she made at a left-wing rally in Tennessee sponsored by Represent.us.

That group was one of the big-money backers behind the Measure 1 “ethics” campaign last cycle, and it sure seemed odd to me that a lawmaker attending an event put on by a group that’s supposedly in favor of government transparency and accountability would be reticent to disclose any remuneration she may have received for doing so.

When politicians duck tough questions, that’s a story in my mind.

Instead of talking to me, Buffalo retreated to the friendly and credulous environs of a left-wing media outlet. She disclosed to the High Plains Reader that her “Lodging expenses totaled $578.94, and $848 for her economy seat on United Airlines.” She also told the publication she’s thinking of paying the money back, even though she doesn’t believe there was anything unlawful or unethical about accepting it.

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