There are two very ugly, very tumultuous situations in North Dakota’s university system right now. Situations in need of accountability. Transparency. Strong leadership.

Unfortunately, we’re not getting it from the State Board of Higher Education.

Case in point, University of North Dakota President Mark Kennedy sent a letter to campus which said he’d be leaving for a new job in Colorado. Looking to protect the taxpayers of North Dakota, Chancellor Mark Hagerott moved to put Kennedy on the record as resigning. He has a contract which runs through June of 2020, after all. Kennedy has since said he hasn’t resigned.

It was a smart move from Hagerott. Kennedy bumbled his institution into a chaotic situation, and Hagerott was trying to be the adult in the room.

Only Don Morton, the president of the State Board of Higher Education, threw him under the bus. He claimed he wasn’t aware of the intent of the letter, despite what at least one other board member said, and went on to suggest the criticism of Kennedy was only from a “vocal minority.”

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