Glenn Jackson was director of the North Dakota Department of Transportation’s drivers license division until he resigned last week. He’d been on leave since February pending an investigation into accusations that he, among other things, was showing favoritism to young, female employees.

As you can see from the full investigation report into those accusations (below), they were largely substantiated. Multiple employees interviewed said Jackson gave too much attention to certain employees, with some suggesting the motivation was their age and looks, though Jackson disputes this.

Even one of the recipients of Jackson’s special treatment, a woman he promoted and gave a 5 percent raise to, said she was surprised by it. She got her raise and promotion on a much faster timeline than she expected. She had thought it wouldn’t come until after she completed a college degree she was working on.

Jackson also, at one point, allowed this employee to stay home without taking leave time. In texts (see to the right) he told her that as long as she could stay in touch via text message and phone she could consider herself “working from home.”

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