Ho hum. Another day, another foam-flecked rant about President Trump: A woman-hating neo-Nazi white supremacist-supporting monster. Alan Davis does the honor this time in The Forum April 30.

Of course Davis brings up the children of illegal immigrants Trump has put in “cages,” ignoring the Internet photos of separated kids inside chain link fences under President Obama. The liberal defense of Obama's actions? He supposedly didn't separate as many families as Trump did before the latter changed the policy. Now there's a ringing endorsement of Obama. One might think that intellectual integrity would require a bit of striving to shake off the shackles of ignorance but that can be hard work, and who wants that when bumper sticker slogans can suffice?

Evidently forgetting President Bill Clinton's many quite credible female accusers, Davis takes Trump to task for the same alleged sins. We must wonder if Davis chafed a little when Hillary Clinton set up the “bimbo eruption” task force to handle all the complaints against her husband, but then being liberal means never having to say you're sorry.

Davis repeats a media red herring: Trump's proposal of a Medicare cut. But, as usual with such government programs, it's only a decrease in the increase. Spending on Medicare, and Social Security for that matter, will still be growing all the way up to their ultimate bankruptcy and collapse.


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The problem with Davis's point of view is what we may term the “buffoon cocoon.” Liberals go to the same parties, despise the same Americans, repeat the same echoes they bounce off each other, and read the same things, e.g. the New York Times and The Nation. The notion of actually reading or studying anything outside of their bigotry is beyond their ken.

Consider some heroes in the liberal pantheon: While slavering leftists complain about Trump's non-existent collusion with Russia, Hillary Clinton actually paid for the foreign-sourced (British and Russian) Steele dossier, false dirt for campaign use. She betrayed America by using a private computer server for Secretary of State business and then erased 33,000 emails that had been subpoenaed. Any investigations of criminality? It is to laugh. The FBI was both intimidated by her and in her back pocket, and Democrats would never impose on the Clintons.

Or take Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller (please): Saint Mueller as FBI director in 2003 joined the throng of bloodthirsty warmongers in Washington, D.C., in the lead-up to the Iraq war. He lent his credibility to the lies of the Bush administration. Thus he shares in the guilt for the hundreds of thousands of war casualties—not that liberals mind cracking a few eggs now and then. He also aided and abetted the FBI cover-up of four innocent men imprisoned for a murder they didn't commit in the Whitey Bulger hit man case. What price did Mueller pay for his corrupt and thuggish behavior? Why, high praise from others in the cocoon.

Let's not forget rising star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's prediction that climate change will end the world in 12 years. There went my retirement plans. Meanwhile, Davis et al. swallow liberal camels while straining at Trump.

Nelson lives in Casselton, N.D., and is a regular contributor to The Forum’s opinion page.