It’s been a month since the redacted Mueller Report was released, and we’re still waiting for a strong statement from anyone in the North Dakota congressional delegation.

A statement like the one from Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, who said, “I am sickened at the extent and pervasiveness of dishonesty and misdirection by individuals in the highest office of the land, including the President.”

Instead, Sens. John Hoeven and Kevin Cramer issued bland and shallow statements. Cramer emphasized the $30 million cost, 2,800 subpoenas, etc. found “zero members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with Russia.” In other words, nothing to see here. A waste of money. Time to move on.

Except there’s plenty to see here. The Mueller Report stated, “The Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election in sweeping and systematic fashion.” That led to 37 indictments.

Mueller reported this stunner—there were 101 known contacts between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Trump also initially lied about the infamous Trump Tower meeting, saying it was about Russian adoptions. The Trump campaign may not have committed conspiracy, but it unpatriotically welcomed help from the Russians, and expected it would help them at the ballot box.

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Hoeven, Cramer and Rep. Kelly Armstrong must say there should have been no contacts with the Russians. They must say that the Russians are our adversary, and the Trump campaign should have reported any contact to the FBI. They should say something like Romney’s, “I am also appalled that…fellow citizens working in a campaign welcomed help from Russia.” Instead, we have heard nothing.

As for obstruction, it appears the only thing that saved Trump from an indictment is that he’s a sitting president. An astonishing 800 former federal prosecutors say Trump obstructed justice. There were 10 identified instances of potential obstruction, including Trump ordering White House Counsel Don McGahn to fire Mueller, telling McGahn to lie about it, and Trump allegedly trying to get Attorney General Jeff Sessions to “unrecuse’’ himself. The North Dakota delegation should be alarmed by all this. Alas, not a word from them on any of it.

Not to be overlooked is Armstrong’s comment to Forum columnist Rob Port where he praised Trump for “unprecedented transparency.” Really? As John McEnroe would say, “You can’t be serious!”

Mueller called Trump’s responses, “inadequate.” The man who says he has “one of the great memories of all time,” said on 36 occasions in his written responses that he did not recall or remember something. Other answers were called, “incomplete or imprecise.” And of course Trump refused to answer questions in person.

It’s clear that we have a dishonest and corrupt president, who has no respect for the rule of law. Cramer, Hoeven and Armstrong need to stand up for our democracy, Constitution and national security, and speak out against a dangerous president, even though he is a Republican. It’s their job. Case still open.