The boat that was left on the curb for Cleanup Week in north Moorhead has been taken. I drove by the house this morning on the way to work and it was gone.

A Facebook post from Monday night said a couple of guys were loading up the boat to take it away.

Here’s the post I wrote yesterday afternoon about the boat:

MOORHEAD -- You see odd stuff on the boulevards of Moorhead and Fargo during Cleanup Week, when the cities’ sanitation departments offer to haul away almost anything for free - and many people roam the streets in their pickups and vans hoping to scavenge useful freebies.

It’s a form of “American Pickers” that plays out each spring around here.

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Truth be known, some people put out things just to see how fast somebody will claim it. So pretty much everything has been up for grabs on the streets of the metro.

But a family in north Moorhead might have accomplished a first.

They put a boat on the street.

It’s right there on the 900 block of 15th Street, a block east of Robert Asp Elementary School. A fiberglass boat that’s beached between the street and the sidewalk, looking for all the world like the S.S. Minnow after its fateful three-hour tour.

What gives?

I couldn’t resist my curiosity Monday, May 1, so I knocked on the front door of the house that has a boat dry-docked in front of it.

A kindly woman named Mary Witt answered the door and didn’t seem all that surprised that I wanted to ask her about the boat.

“My husband got it cheap a couple of years ago, for like $200, from a woman who was moving out of town,” she said. “But he already has a boat, so he decided to get rid of it. He’s hoping somebody takes it.”

Anybody interested?

“There’s been a couple people who’ve asked about it,” Mary said.

The Witts better hope somebody takes their boat, because the city won’t. The woman who answered the phone at the city of Moorhead sanitation department laughed when I asked her whether boats were considered a disposable item during Cleanup Week.

“No,” said Ruth (she didn’t want to give her last name), chortling. “I don’t know why they would put that out there. We’ve heard all about it. A bunch of people have sent us photos. But we can’t take it.”

In fairness to the Witts, the city website doesn’t specifically list boats as an item that will not be picked up.

Televisions, computer monitors, Sheetrock, lumber (including old fencing material), concrete, windows and doors are all listed under items that will not be collected by Cleanup Week crews. But not boats.

So if you’re looking for a free boat, there is one sitting out front of the Witts’ house in north Moorhead.

It was licensed through 2016 and appears seaworthy, if extremely dirty. There are even a couple of old forks lying back near the transom, near where the motor is supposed to be attached, for some reason.

It appears to be an old Starcraft 12-foot model (the outline of an old decal near the stern says “arcraft,” which I assume to be abbreviated from Starcraft, but I might be wrong) with a steering wheel. The glass windshield is intact. Two swivel seats appear usable. There is no motor.

The Witts’ Cleanup Week day is Tuesday, May 2. So you better hurry if you want a free boat. And bring your own trailer.