The first two rounds of presidential debates are history. Democrats indicate any of their 20+ hopefuls would be far superior to Donald Trump, so the ultimate winner is not all that critical. Of greater importance, a 5-point 2020 Democrat agenda now appears to be firmly in place:

  • Dump Trump: President Trump is a proven racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe, congenital liar, obstructer of justice, accomplice of mass shooters, and given to placing illegal immigrants in “cages.” It is rumored that he even ripped a tag from a mattress under penalty of law. If given four more years, he will single-handedly destroy our very republic.
  • Green New Deal: Every legitimate environmental scientist, known climate experts Al Gore and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and intelligent people in general agree that America will literally start melting under the extreme heat of global warming by 2030 unless Trump is defeated. Candidate Andrew Yang has predicted humanity is already doomed and encourages coastal people to move to higher ground. The U.S. contributes about 15% of worldwide carbon emissions. But by setting an example of doing away with internal combustion engines, coal-fired power plants and flatulent cows, the other 85%, including China and India, will eagerly and immediately follow our lead. A Democrat president will save our republic and possibly the world.


  • New human right: The Founding Fathers messed up. They should have declared “every human being has God-given rights to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and government-managed health care.” How did they miss it? The federal government has a brilliant record of managing any enterprise under its purview, so certainly universal health care will be no exception. Democrat candidates do admit that middle class income taxes may increase significantly to pay for it, but, hey, hopefully by less than their current deductibles and co-pays.
  • Economic justice: Statistics do give the impression that the Trump economy has reached levels unmatched in American history. The stock market has attained new highs. The Wall Street Journal notes 90% of Americans have seen their wages increase. Most Americans did experience tax cuts. Unemployment levels for African Americans, Hispanics and women are at the lowest levels ever recorded. But why? Clearly it is because Democrat President Obama, not Trump, got it all started. Anyway, most of those statistics are nothing more than Republican talking points. A Democrat president will bring justice to the economy.
  • Open borders: The “manufactured” crisis on our borders can be resolved in part by doing away with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Democrats can make the entire country a sanctuary location for all people from around the world who seek a better life. Are we not a nation of immigrants? We can take in all newcomers and worry about jobs, housing, sex trafficking, drug smuggling, terrorists and vicious MS-13 gangs later. It will work out somehow and, significantly, no more illegal immigrants in “cages.”
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Even if not all that critical, was not the Democrat debate winner Marianne Williamson? She seems to be a formidable contender and has an impressive 5-point platform to run on.