“I get it – people want more information.”

That’s what North Dakota Environmental Quality Chief Dave Glatt told the Associated Press, responding to controversy over a situation were hundreds of thousands of gallons of liquid natural gas was described as merely 10 gallons in an official state report.

But does Glatt get it? So far his explanations for how this situation came to be are pretty lame.

He and his agency have said that the 10 gallon figure was just the initial report, and it would somehow be illegal to change that record. While it is against state law to alter a public record, there was nothing stopping Glatt and his agency from issuing subsequent reports and updates to give a clearer picture as to what happened.

The it’s-illegal-to-change-the-record explanation comes off as insultingly evasive.

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Does Mr. Glatt think the public is stupid? C’mon.

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