Do you ever wonder how you get yourself in situations? It was the last Saturday before the start of a new school year as our daughter enters middle school life. My wife and I were home, as she recovered from surgery. I was anticipating a fairly quiet Saturday. Early afternoon my wife said there was one last item our daughter needed for school so would I be willing to take her. I was hesitant, not being a shopper. The required item was earbuds for the laptop she will be assigned. The suggested stores were not appealing but I had a bright revelation, I could take her to Best Buy; winning brownie points as a husband and dad while browsing through all sorts of fun “toys.” Who knows, I may even slip in a purchase for myself without using any of my “blow money.”

We had a great time at Best Buy, although my browsing time was cut short by our daughter’s boredom with my “just one more minute.” While we were there I received a text from my wife asking me if I could stop by Target and get a hair straightener for our daughter. Target was close by and how long could it take to buy a hair straightener? I thought hair straightener was a spray. When we entered Target I was on a mission; go as quickly as possible to hair products, find the hair straightener and get out. As I browsed the personal products, our daughter wanted to stop and look at makeup, hair coloring, false nails, hair “thingies” and…I had no idea how much fun sixth grade girls found those aisles. After painfully looking at every row multiple times, my daughter informed me that hair straightener was not a spray, it plugs in like a curling iron! Ugh…how do we find that? After finding the hair straighteners I discovered they can be $30 all the way up to $150. This suddenly became a mom outing with a mom decision. We get mom on a video chat and show her all the options while I’m hoping we don’t spend anywhere near $150 on a hair product!


While on the phone, mom suggests we go to Carter’s to pick out some outfits to give our friends who just had a baby. Oh boy, exactly where I was hoping to go. I don’t know what Carter’s is or where it is but my daughter loves picking out clothes for babies and she knows where it is. We finally finish at Target and make our way to Carter’s. Our daughter looks at all of the outfits and picks out five. She gets mom back on a video call because she knows we can’t buy all five but she has a blast sharing all the outfits with mom while explaining why she picked them out and then gives her mom a tour of the store with her phone! Me? I just want to get home! Now, I will admit, my favorite part of my outing to Carter’s was when I checked out and the gal asked me if am a Rewarding Moments member. Say what? Who thought of that? I found myself in an unexpected situation with a rewarding moment my wife, daughter and I will laugh about for years.