You asked for it. You have it. It’s time for another edition of “Reader Feedback.” A column that’s dedicated to the loyal readers who read my columns.

About 90% of the feedback I receive from emails, Facebook, letters to the editor and other columns is wonderful. Those wonderful comments include, “Jim, your column is the main reason we keep getting The Forum!,” “Love your column, Jim. Makes my heart smile,” “Poignant, powerful and excellent article,” “Bravo Jim! Thank you for giving voice to those who are maligned,” “Jim, again you have given us an insight that most of us are not aware of,” and “Great article. Nothing but common sense and facts.”

Thanks so much for the kind comments. I am truly touched. It makes me feel like my columns have an important purpose, and I am making people think about various issues. Now, for the comments and my responses to them that are not exactly supportive. I will start with a backhanded compliment, followed by the full insults.

  • From Rick: “I don’t agree a whole lot with Jim Shaw. However, his spot on.”

Dear Rick, I don’t agree with you a whole lot, but this letter is spot on.

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  • From Ron M: “You need to grow up…Everyone recognizes your sarcasm.”

Dear Ron, I’m sorry. I can’t figure out what you are trying to say.

  • From Joy: “Stop using The Forum to spread your pathetic liberal agenda and start stating facts.”

Dear Joy, Here’s a fact. Some readers have a hard time accepting the truth.

  • From Ron G: “Straw man.”

Dear Ron, Cowardly Lion.

  • From Rob (in a column, after my column on common sense gun control): “Demagogues like Shaw…People like Shaw want you to be scared…Mass shootings, for all the attention they receive, are a fraction of a fraction of the violent crime committed in the United States.”


Dear Rob, No. I want people to feel safe. Also, I suggest you share your perspective with the grieving families in El Paso, Dayton, Parkland, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, San Bernardino, Sutherland Springs, Thousand Oaks, Orlando and Newtown.

  • From Scott (after my column on a North Dakota pastor, who escaped from Liberia): “I feel like Jim Shaw gave us half the story. What else is new?”

Dear Scott, Yes. I left out his shoe size and his favorite breakfast cereal.

  • From Randy: “No, I don’t read your columns anymore. Haven’t for some time. Don’t think about you much.”

Dear Randy, Then why are you writing to me?

  • Keep those comments coming, and stay tuned for the next edition of “Reader Feedback.”