"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin

Proponents of the assault rifle ban often argue such a ban would reduce school shootings. In doing so, commentators often ignore mountains of data from federal and independent researchers that show our schools have become substantially safer over the last 30 years. The gun-control lobby play to our most primordial fears: the safety of our children. In lieu of facts, propagandists often wave the bodies of dead children around as political pawns to emotionally manipulate the public.

Anti-gun satirists like Tony Bender openly snicker at the notion of comparing school shootings to drownings and bicycle accidents, despite each killing far more children than assault rifles. If this was really about reducing preventable tragedies and keeping children safe, these anti-gunners should gladly march to ban backyard swimming pools, fence in lakes and raise the legal age to ride a bike. One could dubiously conclude a lack of such actions means anti-gun propagandists are perfectly fine with children drowning. Such a conclusion would be silly because the reality is clear – it was never truly about the children.

This debate isn’t simply an issue of interpreting the Second Amendment. Anti-gunners are terrifyingly comfortable with burning civil liberties to advance their authoritarian agenda. They advocate for red-flags laws that encourage private citizens to spy on each other on behalf of the state to solicit the confiscation of private property on the basis of rumors. It’s an ominous propagation of dystopian police state tactics. Likewise, this goes well beyond public health. To get the guns, far too many are willing to effectively trample on our individual rights to property, due process and privacy.

Even more stunning is the irony of it all, far too often the same left-wing voices pretending to care for the welfare of the children openly advocate ripping them from the womb under the guise of women’s rights. Similarly, the left resistance wants us to believe our federal government is run by racist Nazis, yet seem oddly comfortable with forcibly disarming citizens. Anti-gunners argue armed citizens can’t possibly challenge a powerful central government, ignoring the entire global history of guerrilla warfare and severely eroding their cherished “weapons of war” talking point. Additionally, so-called progressives rant about the racism of the criminal justice system while ignoring an inconvenient truth – strict gun-control laws disproportionately harm people of color.

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It’s hard to reconcile the aforementioned ironic and contradictory left-wing talking points of gun-control zealots with common sense. So, don’t waste your time trying to. Anti-gunners show clear signs of mental deficiencies that warrant our sympathy. It would be wise to show them compassion, but by all means, keep your damn guns.