There's something pathological about the unalloyed hatred liberals have for President Trump. President Bill Clinton was despised by many Americans but was buoyed by the media (The New Republic magazine used to carry an occasional column when Clinton was president titled something like “The Media Suck-Up Watch”) and little hindered by Republican fecklessness. The fury against Trump likely outstrips anything the Republic has ever seen, even in the 19th century.

Once again our Praetorian Guard—er, intelligence agencies, are involved in another attempted putsch against Trump, having failed in the Mueller fiasco. A CIA agent passed on hearsay—not first-hand witness, which used to be required of whistleblowers until it was quietly changed by happy coincidence just before the now-notorious phone call was released—about Trump making nice with Ukraine's President Zelensky and asking for Joe Biden and his son Hunter to be investigated. Our useless mainstream media bigots said that there's no evidence of an untoward Biden-Ukraine agreement, but as Thoreau snorted: if you find a trout in a bucket of milk you have strong circumstantial evidence of something amiss.

Why would Trump want Ukraine to look into the Bidens? Could it have something to do with the fact that Joe Biden midwifed the overthrow of Ukraine's duly elected President Yanukovych per the usual imperial American meddling in other countries, and soon thereafter the Ukrainian gas business Burisma hired Hunter for a fat sum of money? The prosecutor that Biden forced out of office by threatening to withhold a billion dollars claimed that he was ousted because he was looking into Burisma and its cozy relationship with America's vice president's son. Because Joe Biden is running for office the usual media charlatans claim that he shouldn't be investigated for influence peddling and corruption by anyone, least of all Trump.

Much media heat and no light have been cast on Trump supposedly holding up military money earmarked for Ukraine to pressure it into cooperating. Unfortunately for the conspiracist liberals the money was held up weeks before Trump's disputed phone call and then granted anyway. So much for the charge of extortion. Joe Lauria points out that this is standard operating procedure for America. We threatened to withhold foreign aid from any U.N. Security Council country that didn't vote to authorize Gulf War I and then cut millions for Yemen which didn't go along with the program. We threatened the same to any country that went against an immunity agreement for U.S. soldiers before the International Criminal Court and bought off Ecuador for $10 billion for it to rescind Julian Assange's asylum. That's how we roll.


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We have a treaty of Mutual Legal Assistance with Ukraine that covers a broad range of criminal matters. The Trump administration has the right and duty to investigate Hillary Clinton's and Joe Biden's probable criminal collusion with Ukraine to meddle in the 2016 election. It shouldn't forget the Democratic National Committee and its private firm Crowdstrike which refused to let the FBI examine its “hacked” server either. By all indications Trump is almost saintly compared to the corrupt Democrats and their lapdog media.