Last week state Auditor Josh Gallion announced his re-election campaign.

A number of the state’s prominent Republicans helped in that announcement, including Senator Kevin Cramer, Insurance Commissioner Jon Godfread, and others. But buried at the end of my colleague Jeremy Turley’s article about Gallion’s announcement was this sentence: “A spokesman for Republican Gov. Doug Burgum, who signed the bill into law, declined to comment on Gallion’s bid for reelection.”

A sitting Republican governor declines to offer even a rote statement of congratulations and encouragement to another statewide Republican officeholder announcing re-election?

The bill Turley is referring to was the one passed by state lawmakers earlier this year gutting Gallion’s authority to conduct performance audits, and it’s just one example of the tension between Burgum and Gallion. Another was Gallion’s office looking into the Governor’s office travel records last year.

I think we can add a third to the list. Gallion’s office just dropped a new audit accusing the Department of Commerce of skirting state law in procuring work on a new state logo and “brand refresh.”

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