Earlier this year Auditor Josh Gallion’s office flagged a situation at the North Dakota State School of Science wherein a VP at the school, Tony Grindberg, was involved in negotiating a contract between the university and his wife’s public relations firm.

NDSCS President John Richman has claimed that Grindberg’s connection to the firm, Flint Group, was known but not officially disclosed. Gallion’s office, for their part, accused Grindberg, who is also a Fargo City Commissioner, and Richman of withholding emails detailing the former’s involvement despite initially claiming he wasn’t involved.

The matter was forwarded to the Cass County State’s Attorney for investigation because withholding public records (and specifically withholding information from auditors) is a crime.

State’s Attorney Birch Burdick, however, has concluded there was no crime.

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