The chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., was conspiring with his Democrat Trump-hating cult members in their secret bunker under the U.S. Capitol. They were ecstatic. They had finally conjured up another ploy to undo the Trump presidency. This time they had him; it was sure to work.

They had located a National Security Council employee who agreed to pose as an anonymous whistleblower regarding a phone conversation President Trump had with the Ukrainian president. This employee had not heard the conversation himself, but others suggested there was language in the call that he could twist into contending Trump threatened to withhold military aide to Ukraine unless they investigated his political opponent Joe Biden.

The fact that this ploy was based on a bald-faced hearsay lie was not a problem for Schiff. He was certain the president would never reveal the true contents of the call. To do so could set a precedent that might result in foreign leaders no longer being willing to speak privately on the phone with U.S. presidents. Since whistleblowers can be held anonymous, Schiff had the cover he needed to declare serious presidential misdeeds, allege violations of some yet to be named law, and show due cause for another attempt at impeachment. So began the latest Democratic gambit to destroy Trump. Fortunately, just like their Russia collusion hoax and obstruction of justice hoax, this charade was doomed to failure.


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Demise of the scheme began when Trump surprised everyone by revealing the official transcript of the phone call in question. Every American now knew more than the so-called whistleblower because they could read exactly what was said. Of course there was nothing in the call about withholding military aid in exchange for investigating Biden. Further unraveling the scheme, a recent RealClearInvestigations report names the anonymous whistleblower. They assert that his identify is already widely known in Washington circles. The mainstream Democrat media has been trying to protect him from scrutiny by not leaking his name.

Here is some of what RealClearInvestigations alleges about our anonymous whistleblower:

  • He is a National Security Council holdover from the Obama White House who previously worked with former Vice President Joe Biden and former CIA Director John Brennan.
  • He is a registered Democrat who helped initiate the phony Russia collusion investigation of the Trump campaign.
  • He left his NSC post in the Trump White House in mid-2017 amid concerns of negative leaks to the media about Trump.
  • He is known to have met secretly with Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee staff for guidance on contriving his sham whistleblower charges.

It becomes indelibly clear why Adam Schiff and his media buddies have worked so hard to hide the man’s identity. They had contrived another false narrative intended to undo Trump and got caught red handed after choosing a vulnerable source that was sure to be discovered and discredited.

When the Senate subpoenas the hapless “whistleblower” to testify under oath at a public hearing, yet another ill-conceived Democrat impeachment hoax will bite the dust.