North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum, uber-wealthy Republican and reliable bootlicker of President Donald Trump, attended a soiree at Jeff Bezos' $23 million Washington, D.C., mansion over the weekend, his attendance known thanks to a photograph on the website of the Daily Mail newspaper. The governor, who paints himself as a cowboy-boot and flannel-shirt-wearing Regular Guy, was decked out in a black-tie tuxedo. His wife, Kathryn, wore a stunning red dress, something she doesn't usually wear back home because it doesn't go well with cowboy boots and flannel shirts.

Burgum and his wife were guests of Bill Gates, the mega-wealthy Microsoft guy and friend of the governor. Just another Regular Guy.

Bezos is the colossally wealthy founder of Amazon who also happens to own The Washington Post newspaper. Yes, that Washington Post newspaper, the one Trump and Republicans regularly call "fake news" and say is the "enemy of the people." Along with The New York Times, the Post is the epitome of the GOP's liberal media hellscape fantasy.

You'd think Republicans, particularly Trump-loving ones like Burgum, would stay far away from the man who owns a liberal rag like the Post, the man the president calls "Jeff Bozo."

That's not the way it works among the super-wealthy and the elite Republican class, though. Not even elite Republicans who claim to be "outsiders" looking out for the interests of the "forgotten people." Remember that phrase? Isn't that why the regular folks living in rural America elected Trump and his merry band of grifters, because he was going to drain the swamp that is Washington, D.C.?

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Joke's on you, suckers. The swamp is alive, thriving and your champions are not only not draining it, they are relishing their role in it.

Not only was Burgum not the only Republican at a swanky party thrown by the owner of The Washington Post, he wasn't even the most well-known or powerful. Not even close.

Also in attendance at the enemy of the people's home were a whole gaggle of former and current members of Trump's White House. The president's daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner were there. So was Transportation Secretary and wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Elaine Chao, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, former Trump administration Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, and former National Security deputy adviser Dina Powell.

Kellyanne Conway? At Jeff Bezos' house? What in the wide, wide world of Fox News is going on here?

It's all a game, forgotten people. A con. A ruse. A charade.

It's one big joke and you're the punchline. Your Republican heroes are playing you like a proverbial fiddle, telling you during the day how the media are the enemy and The Washington Post can't be trusted ... and then partying with them at night. It's all an act.

Not that it matters. The GOP will bray about the "elitists" and the "snobs" and you'll lap it up. They know you too well. In the case of Burgum, he'll slap on some cowboy boots and a flannel shirt back in North Dakota. That's how you know he's looking out for you, forgotten people.