Where did the time go?...

  • It’s time for another edition of “Reader Feedback.” About 90 percent of the emails, Facebook comments and letters I receive are extremely complimentary. Some of those include: “Jim, I love your column. Still laughing,” “Another great column. Thank you for telling it like it is,” “Congratulations Jim on having the courage to write this column. Well done!,” “Inspiring, relevant column. Thank you for writing this!,” “Great column as usual. Saturdays are so interesting and informative thanks to you,” and “Mr. Shaw, you are a person who shines above all the rest. Your insight, writing ability and common sense approach is a bright star in the current world of chaos.

Thank you very much for the wonderful comments. I am deeply touched and flattered by these kind words. Now, it’s time for some of the other 10 percent, and my responses, from those that aren’t exactly flattering

  • From Josh: “You haven’t wrote (sic) a real article in years.”

Dear Josh, And you haven’t passed a grammar test in years.

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  • From Roger: “Not even worthy of a comment.”

Dear Roger, Not even worthy of a response.

  • From Lynne: “You said that Donald Trump was dangerous. The real news is that Jim Shaw is the dangerous one.”

Dear Lynne, Donald Trump separates children from their parents, backs out of a climate change agreement, drops out of a deal that was working to prevent Iran from manufacturing nuclear weapons, strips protections for DACA families, bans people from coming to the U.S. because of their religion, kicks out members of the military because of their sexual orientation, slashes refugee admissions to the U.S. to record lows, mocks disabled people and sexual assault victims, controls nuclear weapon launch codes, appoints judges, pardons criminals, cozies up to Russian President Vladimir Putin and other dictators, does little to prevent cyberattacks, severely damages relationships with our allies, attacks the free press as an enemy, frequently lies, praises Nazis, blows up the budget deficit, attempts to kick millions of Americans off their health insurance, starts a trade war, and revokes security clearances from critics.

I have a keyboard in Fargo, North Dakota.

  • From Jeff: “Tsk tsk tsk, Jim. So you use your platform to bully and demean a news team.”

Dear Jeff, If you didn’t like my column, I suggest you call the Whistleblower Hotline.

  • From Ryan, “Mr. Shaw, your column in the Saturday Forum reminded me of exactly why I don’t buy the Forum.”

Dear Ryan, Your email reminded me that you are still reading the Forum

  • Thanks so much for all the comments, good and bad. Keep them coming. Stay tuned for the next edition of “Reader Feedback.”