Back by popular request…

  • It’s “Reader Feedback.” About 90 percent of the emails, letters, letters to the editor and Facebook comments sent in are wonderful. Here are a few of them: “It was a great read and just wanted to let you know you spoke how many feel. Great job!!,” “As always, I love your column. You’re a ray of sunshine good sir!,” “This cracked me up Jim! Brilliant,” “Great articles Jim. Keep them coming. You are a sane voice in an insane political atmosphere,” “How I appreciate guts and integrity! A rare combination these days. Good on you, Jim Shaw!,” and “As always, your response Jim Shaw is well thought out, logical and on the side of humanity.”

As always, I am touched and flattered by these comments. Thank you so much. Now, here are some comments with a different perspective on my work, and my responses to them.

  • From Corey, “I’ve read the Forum since I was a little kid. You are the reason I quit my subscription.”

Dear Corey, Interesting that you quit your subscription because of me, but you are still reading my columns.

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  • From Wes, “I’m sure Mike McFeely and Jim Shaw were filled with glee over the (Al) Carlson defeat…The owners of the Forum should have cut them off along with the editorial board as they carried on their 10-year attack on Carlson.”

Dear Wes, I’ve written hundreds of columns for the Forum, and I have mentioned Carlson in a grand total of two sentences. That’s roughly 7,000 fewer sentences than Forum columnist Rob Port has mentioned Heidi Heitkamp.

  • From Dorothy: “Will you ever comment on a topic without incorporating your deep hatred of our president?...Do yourself your own personal favor. Get over the election and proceed with positivity and patriotism.”

Dear Dorothy, Okay. Donald Trump is positively a big liar. God Bless America!

  • From Larry M: “In response to Jim Shaw’s Dec. 1st column: Keep our blue laws. Schools have pushed out all Christian influence. Now, we have drugs and sexual issues out of control.”

Dear Larry, Clearly opening up the stores earlier on Sundays would cause more drug use and sexual activity.

  • From Joe: “Man, am I sick of reading these worthless, nonconstructive opinions and tantrums.”

Dear Joe, Then don’t read them.

  • From Larry E: “I’m not sure why you feel you have to put your political spin on the column.”

Dear Larry, It’s my job.

  • Thanks again for all the comments. Keep them coming, good and bad. Stay tuned for the next edition of “Reader Feedback.”