Hauser: The answer to my prayer starts with me

Jon Hauser

I recently received this outstanding email from one of our Prairie Heights’ men’s small group leaders.

“Pastor Jon, Thank you so much for investing in me and my vision for this small group. If you had a ten hour block of time, I could share with you many great things and breakthroughs that have taken place in these men! I thank our Father many times a week for entrusting me with the responsibility of leading this group and giving me the burning desire to help the young men of our community.

A year ago, during our 24 hours of prayer in the lobby, my sobriety started and I wasn’t even struggling with alcohol. I just saw so many prayer requests for addiction... Help my husband to quit drinking; my daughter; my mom; my son. I felt such huge personal conviction from God to not partake in even a hint of alcohol. The Holy Spirit spoke to me as I read all of those prayer requests. He said, 'Why do you feel like you can play with alcohol when so many in your church family are struggling with it or hurt by it?'

Talk about a gut check! But I obeyed. I said okay God, I'll do a year without alcohol. (There I was cutting deals with the God of all creation.)

My year date rolled around and on a Saturday night, I said maybe I'll have a drink! Why not? I did my year. But, since I had grown so much in my faith, I decided to pray about it. The next day while sitting in the 4 p.m. service at Prairie Heights I got a text from a guy in my group. He asked if he could come over to talk. He had some stuff going on. Immediately the Spirit spoke to me and told me it was about alcohol.



I met with this young man and sure enough he was struggling with alcohol. He told me he had to quit. Alcohol was basically controlling and ruining his life. He had gotten a DUI a day or two earlier. He needed an accountability partner and asked if I would be his. So now, this man and I are on another year long journey together in sobriety!
Crazy how I was sitting there wondering if it was ok for me to have a drink again and decided to pray and ask God to just let me know what He wanted me to do. Well, I got my answer the next day when I met with the guy in my group! God is so good and so faithful!!

This guy is now over 80 days sober. He has constant positive reinforcement from the group and has an awesome new crowd of friends he hangs out with now from our group! We do Bible reading plans on the YouVersion Bible App daily as a group. These guys in the group are going places. They are being prepared to help others grow spiritually and be great ambassadors of Christ every day. Leaders are starting to show themselves in this group and I can't wait for them to have their own groups & get other men connected!!”

The answer to our prayers always starts with our obedience. God bless you. Have a great week!

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