Hauser: You are a blessing

Jon Hauser

Two years ago I was invited by Bill Marcil Jr. to write a Sunday column for Forum Communications. I fearfully said yes, trusting that God could use me. I respect Bill and did not want to let him down. Well, I have been shocked at the amount and spread of positive feedback I have received. For those of you who weekly read this column, I am truly honored that you do. I’m sure some weeks connect with you more than others, but the fact you regularly read tells me you find this column helpful to your life journey and that means so much to me.

This column has been shared widely on social media. I have received hand-written notes from Pelican Rapids, Fargo and emails from Duluth, Grand Forks and Brainerd. I have met readers from Mitchell, S.D., Jamestown, N.D., and central Minnesota. I’ve had readers come up to me at Jersey Mike’s and Wurst Bier Hall thanking me. I even gave an elderly reader a hug. She was so kind and encouraging; what a blessing! I have met readers at Sanford Hospital, the clinic and Aurora Elementary School. To say the least, I am very blessed by each of you!

In 1989, after college, my wife and I moved to Kansas City. As a lifetime North Dakotan, I enjoyed living in a city with professional sports teams and reading and listening to the sports media that covered the Kansas City teams. The K.C. sports media were “homers” and I found it contagious and enjoyable. They would get frustrated with their teams, but they also cheered them on and celebrated their accomplishments on and off the field.

In 1994 we moved to Minneapolis and I was shocked at how negative the Minneapolis sports media were towards the Minnesota teams. It was so disappointing and discouraging I stopped listening, watching and reading. I guess it’s just me, but I like sports media that are “homers.” As a sports fan, I love media members that love the teams and universities they cover, even if they are not teams I root for. I want them to be fans.

In today’s world of media, it appears the ruling philosophy is that negativity draws an audience which results in more revenue. If a media member can capture people’s attention, whether it is because they like or dislike that media member, then they have “done their job.”


Well, my goal has never been to draw an audience. As stated in my second column on Dec. 4, 2016, my goal has always been “one person.” I have always served with a simple philosophy; whatever size the group, my goal is to help one person take a healthy step forward. I said “yes” to this column for the same reason. I pray each column will fuel growth in one person’s life.

I am cheering for you. I believe in you. Your potential, in Christ, is unlimited. Every day you have breath in your lungs there is a purpose God designed you for and at least one person he wants you to positively impact. Sow seeds of positivity, encouragement and joy. God bless you. See you next Sunday!

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