Hulett: Killing innocent Sweeties in Minnesota

"Legislators have capriciously disqualified some healthy about-to-be-born children in Minnesota from their right to life and liberty," InForum columnist Mike Hulett writes.

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Mike Hulett, opinion columnist for The Forum Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

She doesn’t have a name, but we will call her and every little baby girl or boy experiencing her wretched misfortune Sweetie.

Sweetie was conceived about eight months ago. She is fully developed; warm and secure in her mommy’s tummy, and due to enter the world in a few weeks. She is a fully viable human baby and could safely arrive now if necessary. Medical imaging shows her to be an active little girl with a healthy heart, kicking her feet and wiggling her tiny toes. Everything is perfect for her “coming out birthday party.”

Sadly, there will be no birthday party. Sweetie’s mommy lives in Minnesota. The Democrat controlled Minnesota Legislature actually passed, and the Democrat governor signed, a repulsive law that makes it legal to intentionally kill a pre-born human at any time — for any reason or no reason — right up to the moment of birth. Sweetie’s mommy has decided to do just that. No reason is being given other than “it’s her body, her choice,” and it’s for the “woman’s health” that the child must be killed. Sweetie is also female but Minnesota lawmakers have judged her “health” to be irrelevant.

Minnesota abortionists, perhaps in my “inclusive” hometown of Moorhead, will quickly and efficiently suck the life out of a nearly fully-grown baby girl. They’ll remove Sweetie’s warm body from Mommy’s womb, then take her remains to be dumped, flushed, incinerated or whatever it is they do with the bodies of aborted sweeties. No naming, no adoption, no funeral, no burial. The sacrosanct Minnesota Legislature assures us Sweetie never existed.

What about Sweetie’s mommy’s health? Oh, she’s safely at home having some coffee but, truthfully, not feeling well. Killing Sweetie is weighing heavily on her today, and it will for the rest of her life.


Of course Sweetie is fictional, but real sweetie baby girls and boys just like her, in various viable stages of life, will now be transported to Minnesota abortion dens to be lawfully murdered and discarded like yesterday’s trash.

America boasts to the world that it is the last bastion of freedom on earth, where all people have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Not all people. Legislators have capriciously disqualified some healthy about-to-be-born children in Minnesota from their right to life and liberty. Their mothers can kill them at will. They simply have to complete the murder before the child’s birthday.

Communities like ours will never experience the God-given potential of precious sweeties legally murdered in Minnesota. No “diversity, equity or inclusion” for you, little human babies. You were haphazardly swallowed into the smelly, evil underbelly of American civilization in the very core of “the land of the free and home of the brave.”

There is no sane way to comprehend or accept any rationale for allowing the capricious murder of viable innocent sweetie babies just before their magnificent day of birth. How dare we judge Chinese Communist crimes against humanity while infanticide is legal right here in Minnesota?

Hulett is a regular contributor to the opinion page.

This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.


Opinion by Mike Hulett
InForum columnist Mike Hulett is a longtime resident of the Fargo-Moorhead area and regular contributor to the opinion page.
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