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Letter: A message for Jan. 6th deniers

Ferragut writes about the Jan. 6th Committee hearings.

James Ferragut
James Ferragut
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“Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it.” George R.R. Martin.

The January 6th Committee hearings have revealed undeniable truths about the events leading up to, during and after the attack on the United States Capitol.

Truths were revealed under oath by then President Trump's most trusted and valued members of his inner circle. Bill Barr, Mark Meadows and daughter Ivanka Trump have testified that there was no evidence of the presidential election being “stolen.” Joe Biden won the election fair and square without the slightest evidence of voter fraud, voting machine hi-jinx, voting data manipulation.

Yet those sycophantic Republican senators and House representatives not only continue to endorse “the lie,” they refuse to watch or even consider the facts exposed by the Committee hearings. So, I'll save them some of their precious time by offering the following brief, essential facts:

Fraud Denial Truths: Evidence presented during the January 6th hearing showed that Trump was repeatedly told he had lost the election, that there was no voter fraud. Former Attorney General Bill Barr told Trump on several occasions that his stolen election claims were “bull——” and wanted no part of it. That's when your esteemed idol threw his dinner plate against the wall of his dining room.


Further, daughter Ivanka Trump told the January 6th Committee that she accepted Barr's statement saying there was no fraud sufficient to overturn the election.

Finally, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was told by his campaign lawyer Alex Cannon that there wasn't enough evidence of fraud to affect the election results. Trump's campaign manager Jason Miller told Trump “...in pretty blunt terms that their own internal data expert said Trump was going to lose.” Meadows directly was told there was no evidence of fraud.

During the Attack: Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., managed to get Trump on the phone and told him to call off his supporters. The president refused. Trump's reliable comrades at FOX News, including Laura Ingraham, sent Meadows pleading texts: “Mark, please tell the President he needs to tell his people to go home. This is hurting all of us.” Sean Hannity also stated on air: “Can't he make a statement? Ask the people to leave the Capitol?”

Vice President Pence: The mob was 40 feet from Pence at one point during the attack. Rep. Pete Aguilar, R-Calif., told the committee “Make no mistake about the fact that the vice president's life was in danger.”

As the mob was cheering “Hang Mike Pence,” Meadows told some colleagues that Trump was complaining that Pence was being whisked away to safety. Trump's response? “Maybe Pence should be hanged.” Moments later, Ivanka Trump testified that she heard the president call Pence a derogatory term.

Later revealed during the attack, Trump watched FOX News for four hours, refusing all phone calls, just watching the circus. He later demanded to be driven to the Capitol. So intent on getting there, he forcefully lunged and grabbed the steering wheel of his secure “SUV Beast.” Head of presidential security agent Bobby Engel stated that Trump said: “I'm the president, take me to the Capitol now!”

After the Attack: The White House records show a 7-hour and 37 minute blank gap in the record of Trump's phone calls. Committee members learned that Trump had been speaking to McCarthy and Senate allies using “burner phones...”

And in true Trump style, defying witness tampering law, attempted to contact “...a witness yet to appear in the investigation...” The witness denied the call and the matter now sits with the Department of Justice. So, to you abject deniers, I'll end with a quote by Jim Butcher: “Everything is perfectly healthy and normal, here in Denial Land.”


Ferragut is a special ed para-educator for Fargo Public Schools and a longtime contributor to The Forum's Editorial Page. Email him at jferragut50@gmail.com.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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