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Nelson shares his thoughts on the recent election.

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Ross Nelson is a resident of Casselton, N.D. and InForum opinion columnist.
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Judging from the recent local elections and the approval of agents of bunkum, it appears that the same-old same-old thinking has been upheld. The doughty band of conservatives and skeptics of the elite in this area will have to settle for the status quo. That quo is the leftward tilt of the Grand Forks-Fargo axis.

The recall petitions for the Fargo School Board members because of their kowtowing to COVID masking failed badly. Those behind the recall did the next best thing: run for those board positions, a courageous decision. They surely knew that they'd be calling down on themselves the ire of the local predominant strain of leftist bias. Media, pundits, politicians, in fact all those who think they know better than the peonage and don't hesitate to enforce their diktats weren't slow to call the upstarts kooks, radical conservatives, troublemakers, and the like. The mainstream liberal does not like contradiction as only the evil can find fault in liberal thinking.

Ironically, West Fargo schools suffered no worse from COVID even though maskless, and quite possibly less than the Fargo schools whose officials knelt before error and disinFaucimation.

It's a crying shame that Tony Gehrig decided to step down. He was the only Fargo commissioner who consistently stood lookout for the taxpayer. To the rage of the usual Fargo suspects in government and the media, Gehrig had the gall to ask megamillion companies wishing to move to Fargo and begging for tax breaks if they would move here anyway without the breaks. The answers were typically yes. It appears Fargo will no longer have anyone to speak for the taxpayer who will have to make up the difference out of his own pocket. Gehrig was a voice in the wilderness calling to rein in excessive Fargo tax and spend policies; now even that voice of moderation and balance is gone.

One bright spot is Mapleton's failure to pass an additional school funding bond. Not that the town didn't necessarily need the funding but because it was the second time this year (and it's still June) the city fathers forced a vote on the matter. Their shameful thinking, echoed by a number of area towns and school boards, is that they can wear down the taxpayer by endless votes closely succeeding each other. The citizen has to repeatedly vote no while the city has to only win once and the new taxes will be forever established in stone. This is outrageous and unethical. And again, why do towns with ever-increasing tax bases have to raise tax rates? Doesn't the influx cover the increased cost?


An aside: Juneteenth Day just passed. It celebrates the arrival of Union soldiers in Texas and the news that slavery had been abolished. This was a very minor event that came about because of the slowness of communications a century and a half ago. Why isn't the Emancipation Proclamation, January 1st, the chosen holiday instead? True, the Proclamation only applied to slaves in the Confederacy and it was merely an expedient war-time jink, but it changed the face and fate of the Civil War. But caution to the un-PC: to be Woke means the mind must be Slept.

Nelson lives in Casselton, N.D., and is a regular contributor to The Forum’s opinion page. Email him at .

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Nelson writes, 'Only the states have the authority, and thus the sovereignty, to change the Constitution just as they called that document into existence."

Opinion by Ross Nelson
Nelson lives in Casselton, N.D., and is a regular contributor to The Forum's opinion pages.
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