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Port: Republican state senator takes down false claim about Ilhan Omar and Al Qaeda, leaves up another post calling her a terrorist

Oley Larsen
Sen. Oley Larsen (R-Minot) speaks to members of the House Finance & Taxation Committee in 2015. Tom Stromme / Bismarck Tribune

State Senator Oley Larsen, a Republican from Minot, still hasn’t responded to my requests for comment from yesterday over a Facebook post he made of a picture he claimed was controversial Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar at an al Qaeda training camp.

The photo is from the Associated Press. It was taken in a Somali military camp in 1978, years before Omar was born in 1982.

Larsen has now taken that post down (I preserved screenshots here ), but he has left up a separate post made subsequent to the one I wrote about yesterday in which he, again, referred to Omar as a terrorist:


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