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Whalen: Is QAnon going to be the Republican Party platform?

Columnist Colleen Whalen writes about former President Donald Trump's embrace of QAnon conspiracies.

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We are part of The Trust Project.

The Lincoln Project is a group of Republicans who have left the party until it comes to its senses. The Lincoln Project put out effective ads opposing former President Donald Trump. My personal favorite was “ A Zoo Story ” which was a spoof of Trump’s debate prep.

The other thing that the Lincoln Project does is put out short clips named “This Week in the Republican Party.” They show bits of some of the craziness that now dominates the Republican Party.

I’m doing my version of “This Week in the Republican Party.” Trump took highly classified documents home. “The FBI planted them.” “The FBI agents didn’t take off their shoes when they searched my home.” “I have a right to them because they are mine.” “Obama took home 33,000 documents,” since proven to be false. “I had a standing order that anything I took home was declassified.” This means that Trump is claiming he declassified the nuclear codes because the president always carries them with him.

Trump didn’t return all the documents and attested that he had returned them all. There were empty folders for classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago. What were those documents and where are they now?

Experts have said that having classified documents “in the wild” is a major risk. Some of the documents contained information that was received from foreign nationals, aka spies, working with U.S. intelligence agencies. Lives are likely at risk and our intelligence agencies don’t know whose lives are in danger. This means they don’t know that these people need to be removed from their country for their safety. There are reports that we lost a source of intelligence who was so highly placed in Russia that he could take pictures of Putin’s desk. Trump’s actions caused us to lose that source of intelligence. Isn’t this the party of “but her emails?” The party of “lock him/her up?” The party of law and order?


Trump has now fully embraced QAnon and its crazy conspiracy theories. He’s posted pictures of himself with a Q lapel pin overlaid with the words, “The Storm is Coming.” In QAnon, the “storm” refers to Trump’s final victory, when they think he regain power. His opponents will be tried and possibly executed on live TV.

Trump had a rally last weekend in Ohio at which he played the Q’s theme song. Attendees raised their arms at an angle eerily similar to Nazis shortly before and during World War II. Is QAnon going to be the Republican Party platform?

Wednesday of this week, we learned that Trump and three of his children have committed massive fraud as executives of The Trump Organization. Donald Trump, Jr. admitted to the fraud when questioned under oath.

For quite some time, Trump has been calling QAnon cult members to violence again. Sens. Hoeven and Cramer Rep. Armstrong are silent.

As you ponder how to vote in the upcoming election, I urge you to seriously consider voting against Hoeven and Armstrong. Vote them out. Force the ND GOP to nominate individuals who take their oath seriously in the next election cycle. We could have people with courage and integrity represent us.

Whalen is an insurance professional who lives in Fargo with her beloved dog Baxter.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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